Begüm Erciyas 

Begüm Erciyas
Eine Spekulation / A Speculation

The value of money has become so ungraspable within our globalised economy and its narratives that we can no longer comprehend what it is. Where does its power reside and what does it mean in a society constructed by credits, speculations and virtual transfers. We know that something is not right in the distribution of resources and we protest against it, but the complexity and immateriality of current economy keeps us nearly incapable to articulate concrete demands.

Eine Spekulation / A Speculation is a choreographical and fictional approach to currency that aims to map money in all its movements. Developping an elaborate choreographic score for the transfer, multiplication, inflation and deflation of money, Begüm Erciyas, Georg Hobmeier and Ewa Bankowska physically confront themselves with questions as urgent as seemingly absurd: How to make a choreography for something that could be replaced with something else any moment? How to make a choreography for something that does not have a body? How much of the economic dynamics is fit to transfer to a performative setting? And can a choreographic discussion about the potential and problematic of bodylessness be extended to an economic discussion?

Premiere in HAU , Berlin (DE), in january 2014
Residency in collaboration with platform 0090

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