Manon Santkin
New Measuring Rites
9 > 22 Oct 2017
MAF / A. Jais & D. Margules
Water My Plant
23 > 29 Oct 2017

Can we alter our conception of the world by changing which information we pay attention to? Today, measurements are omnipresent in our daily lives. We use them as shared references for exchange and communication. But which narratives do they imply? And which stories do they tell?
 These are the starting questions of the project New Measuring Rites.

Water My Plant is an artistic research into cultural ecologies towards the creation of alternative institutional relations between Belgium and Argentina. Ten cultural organizations are linked through exchanging scale models of their buildings, that help trigger experimental collaborations between its managers.


Rósa Ómarsdóttir
30 Oct > 12 Nov 2017
Gizem Aksu
13 > 26 Nov 2017

Rósa Ómarsdóttir and her team explore different anthropomorphic practices through pagan rituals like witchcraft and animism as means to relate to and affect their surroundings. They build a scenography resembling different landscapes and explore how they can use these practices in order to influence the state of the it and to give it anthropomorphic qualities.

YU is a research into organic wisdom by fasci(a)nated attention in a visceral garden. This research wil not be about what visceral organs are; but about the complex correlations of organs towards the life. Organic wisdom is about the sensation of life with reference to the existence of visceral organs.


On tour

James McGinn: Ing an Die
13 > 14/10 – Adrienne Arsht Center (Miami)
19 > 21/10 – The Ringling (Sarasota)

Dounia Mahammed:
w a t e r w a s w a s s e r

13/10 – X-Tract (KAAP Bruges)
1 & 2/11 – Bâtard (Brussels)
21 & 22/12 – Vooruit (Ghent)


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