wpZimmer invites

OpenHouse #13

14:00-18:30 (continuously)
GOSIE VERVLOESSEM - Hush Hush of the Bush (work-in-progress)
video installation / different durations / English

Hush Hush of the Bush (work-in-progress) is the next step in Gosie Vervloessem's research on invasive species, more specifically on the Japanese Knotweed. 

                                                                * * *

14:00, 14:30, 15:00 and 17:00, 17:30 en 18:00
ELISA YVELIN - The Conference of the Lichens
interspecies conversation / 30 min. / English / 6 pers.

In a conference/tea ritual/performance Elisa Yvelin takes the audience to the wonderful world of lichens and tries to enact a conversation between the two species.

                                                                * * *

MARIA LUCIA CRUZ CORREIA - Voice of Nature: THE TRIAL (work-in-progress)
sharing state presentation / 60. min / English

Voice of Nature: THE TRIAL is a site-specific court space. They investigates the ecocide and the possibilities of making a new proposal for the justice-system, in which the voice of nature can be heard.

* * *

MARIALENA MAROUDA - Oceanographies (work-in-progress)
interactive performance / 45 min. / English / 20 pers.
In Oceanographies, Marialena Marouda focuses on the relation between two kinds of bodies: the human body and the vast body of water that the ocean is. It is the relation of the hands to the mud, the ears to the breaking of the waves, the feet to the feeling of sinking, that the work focuses on -rather than the ocean "in itself", devoid of the human presence.

* * *


We open our new atelier which we renovated the past last months together with Tuur en Flup Marinus. It will be their permanent place and base for developing new work in the coming years. During the OpenHouse you can visit the space and see old and new work.

OpenHouse #13 takes place  in wpZimmer (Gasstraat 88-90, 2060 Antwerpen)
Free, with reservations via charlotte@wpzimmer.be (name + performance + hour)
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