Begüm Erciyas
Creation 2019
5 > 18 February 2018
Blue Skies Forever
19 February > 4 March 2018

The audience enters a landscape of mattresses. The ceiling is the stage. The repositioning of the body, the re-orientation of the gaze, the lack of face-to-face interaction, all suggest a kind of introversion. Looking up becomes at the same time a looking back onto oneself.Blue Skies Forever is the first black box-performance by visual artists Melissa Mabesoone and Oshin Albrecht. For this work the starting point is an analysis of Beyoncés videoclip Hold Up (2016) and the resemblance with Ever is Over All (1997) by Pipilotti Rist.


Veli Lehtovaara
Peltotiekeskustelu / Conversations
7 > 16 March 2018
Anne Pajunen
The Heroic Moment
19 March > 1 April 2018

Conversations is a dance of gradual transformation. The passage of steps and thoughts unfolds in circles and waves. It is a performance of letting go of that which will not stay without a holding. It is a conversation with three distinct voices that entangle as they form circular paths in time.

The Heroic Moment is a solo performance that looks at heroism and the way heroes come to exist. Celebrating the art of storytelling, THM takes us on a journey on which fiction and fact start to blur as we move in between autobiography and the world of imagination and fantasy.


On tour

Dounia Mahammed:
w a t e r w a s w a s s e r

8 & 9/05 – De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam)

Katrien Oosterlinck: massage-collage
25/02 – CC 't Vondel (Halle)
04/03 – CC Zwaneberg (Heist-op-den-Berg)

Dounia Mahammed: Salut Copain
19/02 - Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
22/02 - GC Felix Sohie (Hoeilaart)
23/02 - CC Nova (Wetteren)
01/03 - CC Ter Dilft (Bornem)
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