Arco Renz & wpZimmer
29 Apr – 20:00 – wpZimmer
Sarah Demoen & Eona McCallum
Right Now
3 > 16 April – wpZimmer

Six promising dance-makers from Europe and Asia meet for the first time in Antwerp. They spend ten days in the studio, finding out if and how they can work together. Can they make their cultural background and personal perspective compatible with someone else’s?

The claim tends to have negative connotations. Contestable, forceful and spurious, it harks back to a history of colonisation and theft. Right Now looks at the possibilities of the claim from perspectives of feminist politics, historical and current, through speculative fiction and feminist theory.


Kinga Jaczewska
1 > 14 May – wpZimmer
Naomi Kerkhove
Land is shaping us floating
23 Oct > 7 May – STAM (Ghent)

Grey is a continuation of Kinga Jaczewska’s research based on constant movements and silent transformations. Kinga is fascinated by movements that, in their quality and rhythm, have the potential to - even if momentarily - shift the way we experience time. Focusing on the physical body and its constant motions, Grey aims to trigger our perception of movement, stillness and time. A city is never finished, and Ghent continues to grow. How can we manage our limited space in a smart and durable way? What are our ideas and dreams for the future? 30 artists create a multidisciplinary exhibition under the enticing title: A glimpse of where we're going. Naomi Kerkhove presents a new installation.


On tour

© Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker

Gosie Vervloessem: Recipes for Disaster
22/04 – Ramsalt Art Platform (Bergen, NO)

Dounia Mahammed: Salut Copain
23/04 – CC De Factorij (Zaventem) :: 25/04 – GC De Kriekelaar (Schaarbeek)

Karl Van Welden: MARS II
13/05 – Trafo / Festival van Vlaanderen Kortrijk (Zwevegem)


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